I love writing, specially when it’s all about poetry! 🙂


May 4, 2018

No hopeless smile | Poem

There will be a clear ocean blue sky with a real shining sun at day time, twinkle of billion stars with full moon all over the night. It’s like I never missed the dawn where twitter comes through the light breeze and a summer of mid July! No bad dreams, No hopeless smile. Not a […]..Read More

January 15, 2016

You’re in love | Poem

Okay! you’re thrilling, Your heart is beating faster twice more than before! Don’t worry, you’re not sick. Certainly you’re in love. You’re dealing with most precious feelings, Because, you’re feeling it without any reason, Without any need of feedback. You’re thinking of her, Her smile, her hair, basically her everything that pushed you to fall […]..Read More

July 14, 2014

Smile of thousand reasons | Poem

It is not the first nor second, perhaps not the last when i got frustrated. But only you who can hold me or tie. Two eyes! yes, its your eyes, certainly broken all of my imagination. You just like a beacon in a dark path, like a rose of very winter morning, tears of joy, […]..Read More